Butterfly V

I have finally got a nice picture for you of me on my darling Butterfly V. We  went Top 5 in Region 16 after a late start to the season. Last year wewent top 5 at East Coast Championships ending up third on the cards!!!! We just LOVE this mare, such a doll and what fabulous work ethic she has, I have never met a horse quiet like her!!! To think I called you about my first Country English Pleasure horse and you suggested her, sent a video and I said ok I will take her. With great anticipation I waited for her thinking what am I doing I have not even met this horse or let alone seen her in person!!!! Then she arrived, after couple weeks to rest, after her trip from the west coast to the east coast, I climbed aboard just like you told me to do, and I have ridden and cared for this mare with a huge smile on my face ever since she stepped off that trailer !!!!!

Someday I will make it back to California again but in the mean time I will enjoy all my Varian bred horses!!!!!!

Best ,
Joelle Wright