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Lisa Thompson
18 March 2020
He is simply brilliant… and humble, and well-read, (and not at all hard to look at, either). He'd picked up Arizona Mac V the end of October after he and Bruce Sandifer had put on a California Bridleh...
Lisa Thompson
20 February 2020
Roverto was leading a young mare across the road when I drove up. She was following politely, but would startle, flinch, at something to the right, then at the gate, then at a sound from the house. I ...


  • 1957 - 1984 For Bay-Abi, life was a lark and he its star merrymaker. All he needed to make his world complete was the perfect sidekick. He found her in 1959 at the first Arabian horse sale to be held at San Francisco's Cow Palace. Her name was Sheila Varian, and Read More
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