Davidson and Dakota

Dakota entered my life as an unstarted 4 year old. He has turned out to be a tough guy, full of enthusiasm and “go”, a horse that makes me smile. He is a son of Desperado V, and thinks very highly of himself! As a 6 yr old, I decided to give him a good “LD” base which turned into 895 miles on the trail, not to forget all the hours spent in the trailer, which resulted in the National LD Mileage Championship. His first 100 was Virginia City which he finished handily despite doing an extra 10 miles due to a wrong turn by me…oops! Since then, we have completed the Tevis, the ’09 National Championship 100, and last year, our first 5 day multi-day. Dakota is truly a special horse – he has given me the confidence to tackle some long challenging trails, and I look forward to many thousands more miles on his back!

~ Peggy Davidson