Spanish Juell V in 2016Hi Angela,
I just want you to know how much my trainer, Mary, and I are loving Spanish Juell V. We are thoroughly enjoying her, her barn name is Jemma.   If all goes well, her first shows will be here in southern Ohio July 15-16, 2017 and she'll be shown in Sport Horse in Hand.  We are looking forward to taking her to regionals and the Sport Horse Nationals this summer, too. She is growing up beautifully.  Both Mary and I have discovered how very smart she is, and while she can be a typical two-year-old at times, we love watching how quickly she catches on and learns what she needs to be doing.  We’ll keep you posted on "Jemma news” as the summer continues!

Thank you again for your excellent breeding program and for helping me work through my purchasing questions.  I am so glad that Jemma is such a wonderful part of my life! 

~ Susan Salladay