SUE AND LIBS 127 91512Hi Sheila:

I just wanted to thank you so very much for allowing me to acquire my BEST friend ever in life.

Liberty Miss (Huckleberry Bey++ x AA Singing Wind) has been the most amazing partner a person could have. She is my QUEEN and she knows it.

She prefers the large candy canes over the small ones, gala apples and honey crisp are also her fav's, honey oats granola bars and carrots for the trail rides must be in the saddle bag in order to make it home.
She reminds me of the pony machines at WalMart when the quarter runs out. She will stop, turn her head and stand there until you give her more treats to keep going….she has me well trained !!!!

Liberty has been on pergolide and thyroxine for many years and very special "comfy" shoes, and she still wants to hit the trail for long walks.

28 and going strong, she still likes to steal other mares babies too, she is the best baby sitter for weaning foals.

Basically, Liberty Miss is the PERFECT horse, in case anyone asks who the perfect horse is……

Thank you so much for enhancing my life and providing a life long therapist. I have you to thank on this Thanksgiving day.

Is there anyway to acquire one of those beautiful breast collars you have on your Thanksgiving card?

Big hug,
Sue Martin, RN