Evangeline and ColtDear Sheila,
The minute I stepped through the gates of Varian Arabians at Spring Fling 2010 I felt at home. Your ranch was both warm and welcoming. I never guessed that I would leave that day with one more piece of a dream I have been nurturing for many years—to start however small, my own Arabian breeding program.

When Evangeline NA stepped into the arena, she touched my heart. Even heavily pregnant, she moved with a lovely grace. She so reminded me of a mare that I owned for 17 years and lost—a family favorite that taught all of my three children to ride—but beyond that, she radiated a style and elegance all her own, that reached out and worked its magic on me. Having just experienced a difficult divorce, I was in no position to buy another horse, but she spoke to me, and here I am, much richer in spirit for leading with my heart. I want to thank you for your help in buying her.
Literally days away from foaling when I bought her, I left Evangeline behind to deliver a fine colt by Jullyen El Jamaal. Your staff, Angela and Micki, were wonderful! They gave me up-to-the-minute reports and sent me beautiful photos of mare and foal after the birth. They took care of the all the paperwork professionally and with the utmost courtesy.

When Evangeline came home several weeks later, she stepped off the van like a Queen, nickered to her colt (Evander V) and fearlessly crossed the threshold into the very fabric of my life. Both horses were impeccably groomed and in shining good health—I couldn’t have been happier at the way they arrived.

Evangeline’s ground manners are excellent. She is so easy to work with, and learns quickly. Having left her open for the 2010 season, I decided to apply some natural horsemanship techniques and see where it led. Evangeline proved to be as smart as she is lovely. I let her set the pace, and within days she navigated water hazards, poles, a tarp and other scary obstacles, both on the ground and with me riding. She is feather-light to ride—I can hardly believe she wasn’t broke when I bought her. A horse this well-behaved and trusting has had only good experiences in life.

Recently, when my daughter Monique and I visited California, you spent much of your day showing us around your ranch. You welcomed us warmly and we felt right at home wandering around to see the horses, read up on Varian history and visit the graveyard of your equine family. When I first bought Evangeline you welcomed me to the Varian family—and I truly felt that we were just that during our visit. Monique and I both hope to join you again soon for some of the Varian events and rides.

This has truly been a positive purchasing experience for me, and I am happy to recommend you to anyone I know that is looking for a good horse. I especially admire your “Affordable Family Horse” program—the horses I saw offered in this group at the Spring Fling last year were beautiful, well trained, good citizens, that would make a great addition to any home.

Thank you again for your hospitality.

Lauren Isaksen