Staggering V Stats from the 2016 U.S. Nationals

Each year is a stunning reminder of just how deep Varian lines can be found in our modern-day champions.
A Comparison of The 2016 U.S. National Championships in Western Pleasure / English Pleasure / Sr. Mares Halter / Sr. Stallion Halter

Arabian Western Pleasure Open Championships – 100% Carry Varian Lines

-        CH: Diesel Smoke (by Sundance Kid V, who is a Desperado V son)

-          RC: Zefyr+// (by Sundance Kid V)

-          TT: Monaco Jullyen V (Jullyen El Jamaal x Misti Morn V, by Audacious ps) – VARIAN BRED

-          TT: PA Kid Khan (by Sundance Kid V)

-          TT: Khaberet PGA (out of a Fame VF granddaughter)

-          TT: Kheannett (out of a Fame VF granddaughter)

-          TT: Holdin Aces (Dam is by Maclintock V out of Hucks Halo V)

-          TT: Saratoga BF (Fame VF on top & bottom)

-          TT: PA Magellan (Audacious ps x May Dancer V)

-          TT: RD Habanero (Bey Shah on both sides)

Arabian English Pleasure Open Championships - 100% Carry Varian Lines

-        CH: Heirs Noble Love (Afire Bey V on top / Huckleberry Bey on bottom)

-          RC: ROL Divine Style (Huckleberry Bey V on top)

-          TT: SD Graceland (Huckleberry Bey V on both sides)

-          TT: Man About Vegaz VA (Huckleberry Bey V 3xs)

-          TT: GSF Revolution (by Afire Bey V out of an Afire Bey V daughter)

-          TT: Boltz Afire CA (Afire Bey V on top / Barbary on bottom)

-          TT: CSP Gossip Girl An (AA Apollo Bey granddaughter)

-          TT: Wonderfully Wicket (An Afire Bey V granddaughter)

Arabian Senior Breeding Mares– 89% Carry Varian Lines

-        CH: MD Hibbat Allah (Bey Shah on top & bottom)

-          RC: Impressa MI (A Marwan Al Shaqab granddaughter – Marwan is out of Little Liza Fame, by Fame VF+)

-          TT: RD Marciena (A Marwan Al Shaqab granddaughter & also a Bey Shah granddaughter)

-          TT: GC Le Morais (A Marwan Al Shaqab daughter)

-          TT: Belaphina ER (Bey Shah 5xs & also a Jullen El Jamaal granddaughter)

-          TT: Sheza Marcedes+ (A Marwan Al Shaqab granddaughter / Bey Shah 3xs / Huckleberry Bey V on bottom)

-          TT: Marshantay (A Marwan Al Shaqab daughter)

-          TT: Mystic Love WRR (Bey Shah 4x)

-          TT: American BeautyDE – NO VARIAN LINES

Arabian Senior Breeding Stallions– 100% Carry Varian Lines

-        CH: Marajj (Marwan Al Shaqab x Bey Shah granddaughter)

-          RC: Equator PASP (A Marwan Al Shaqab grandson)

-          TT: Soltire TO (A Fame VF+ great grandson)

-          TT: Spitfyre VF (A Bey Shah great grandson)

-          TT: Tempezst (Audacious ps x Huckleberry Bey V granddaughter)

-          TT: Magik of Marwan (by Marwan Al Shaqab)

-          TT: Mi Regalo Di Angelo (A Versace grandson)

-          TT: Santino V (Audacious ps x Satine IA, who is a Kaiyoum granddaughter)

-          TT: Miracle of Marwan (by Marwan Al Shaqab)

-          TT: Razcal Bey (Bravado Bey V x CA Rufflesnlace, who is by Fame VF+ out of Ambiance V… Razcal Bey is a muti national champion in western pleasure as well.)

***SUMMARY: In the two most opposite pleasure performance divisions (English Pleasure Open Finals and Western Pleasure Open Finals) as well as the highest levels of halter divisions (Senior Mares Finals and Senior Stallions Finals) at the 2016 U.S. Nationals, all but one horse carried Varian lines… proving yet again Sheila’s unending philosophy that Varian horses should be both beautiful and functional at the highest levels across all divisions.

-          36 out of the 37 horses carried Varian blood

-          94% in halter carried Varian blood

-          100% in performance carried Varian blood

AUDACIOUS Stat: Audacious had strong representation at the 2016 U.S. Nationals in both halter and performance. Sheer Audacity V Top Ten’ed in Arabian Western Pleasure Open and two sons, Tempezst and Santino V (Varian-bred) Top Ten’ed in Arabian Senior Breeding Stallions.

JULLYEN EL JAMAAL Stat: The Jullyen get dominated the western pleasure arenas, second only to Sundance Kid V (by Desperado V), with Monaco Jullyen V (Varian-bred) bringing home a top ten in Arabian Western Pleasure Open; Lancelot Jullyen V (Varian-bred) Top Ten in the $100,000 AWPA Western Pleasure Futurity and PA Tantara Always (a Jullyen El Jamaal grandson crossed with Varian lines) taking home the lucrative Championship title in the $100,000 AWPA Western Pleasure Futurity.

An Overview of the Inaugural $100,000 AWPA Arabian Western Pleasure Futurity SF/F

-          CH: PA Tantara Always (by Always a Jullyen V ((Jullyen El Jamaal x Amazing Grace V)) out of a Versace granddaughter)

-          RC: Vera Wang (Sundance Kid V x Versace granddaughter)

-          TT: Springsteen CS (Sundance Kid V x Bey Shah granddaughter)

-          TT: DA Maxin (Versace grandson)

-          TT: Varvatos A (by Sundance Kid V & also is Versace grandson)

-          TT: Don Vinito (Bey Shah 2xs)

-          TT: Nnoir A (A Sundance Kid V granddaughter & also a Huckleberry Bey V granddaughter)

-          TT: Lanceelot Jullyen V (Jullyen El Jamaal x Desperado V daughter) – VARIAN BRED

-          TT: Paradizio (A Huckleberry Bey V grandson, and also Bey Shah 2x)

-          TT: Mystruy (Bey Shah 2xs)

***Summary: 100% of the horses in the 2016 $100,000 AWPA Arabian Western Pleasure Futurity Championships – the richest jackpot class ever to be offered in the Arabian wester pleasure divisions – carried Varian lines, demonstrating the power of Varian bred horses who overwhelmingly dominate the western divisions, particularly with Sundance Kid V. Sundance Kid V, a Desperado V son, is fast becoming to western divisions what Afire Bey V was to the English divisions. The Jullyen-bred horses crossed with Varian lines are also a dominant force.

$100,000 AWPA WESTERN PLESURE FUTURITY Stat: Two of the top ten horses in the $100,000 AWPA Western Pleasure Futurity were Jullyen-bred horses crossed with Varian lines.

A Note From Angela: 

Varian Arabians extends its profound congratulations to all the winners in Tulsa who carried Varian lines. We are proud of what Sheila created, and we are enthusiastic about carrying it into the future and continuing to cheer on our owners and breeders with V horses. They speak for themselves. This year's U.S. Nationals is for you.

Angela Alvarez